Debra Edmonds Design
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Designer and daringly adventurous DIY’er Debra Edmonds created D.E. design to house her artistic talents and help clients not only create a space they love, but can thoroughly enjoy as well. 

She comes from a long line of creative entrepreneurs and has an eye for craftsmanship and quality, something that comes across in her work.

 Her passion is using her artistic and creative talents to help you create a beautiful life. She specializes in furniture selection, space curation, color pallet planning and selection, event planning, floral design and seasonal decorating. She is available for freelance work with other designers, events and more and would love to collaborate on anything from floral design to creative planning for your next gathering.

 Debra has over 20 years of experience in floral design, interior design planning, consulting, styling and other creative endeavors. She has led several design and creative efforts in Bay City including previous home and lifestyle businesses Harless + Hugh Flea and The Loft on Johnson.


Let’s create something beautiful for you.